Crocheted Rin Kagamine


Yay! I finally finished the Rin Kagamine doll for my friend’s birthday~ [okay admittedly I forgot her birthday so it was a belated present…] She listens to vocaloids (which kinda influenced me to listen to some too~) Anyways I discovered that the vocaloids have so many different type of clothing for each different song (I really have no idea how this vocaloid thing works except I like listening to the songs [okay some] -> I can’t understand Japanese)

Sooooo, my Rin Kagamine is based on these pictures! (I got them from the Internet ^_^)




Okay maybe not the last one… (But I couldn’t resist… THEY ARE SO ADORABLE!!!)
*sigh* I wish I can draw something nice

Oh on a random side note, somehow my Rin Kagamine looked so much cuter without arms…


[I was forgiven for forgetting her birthday when I presented this to her ^_^]

And as for the pattern, there wasn’t one… (Much to my annoyance) so I made up my own. [thank goodness it turned out fine]