Happy Birthday Singapore!

Today marks the 48th year since independence. Every year on 9th August, we celebrate National Day. (I LOVE NATIONAL DAY ^_^) I recently discovered that the equivalent of National Day is called Independence Day in America 0_o (wow. I am so ignorant sometimes…)

I should have done a merlion amigurumi just for the fun of it… *sigh* maybe next year… (In case you have never heard of it before, the merlion is a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the tail of a mermaid -> according to Wikipedia [actually I never knew it was considered a mythical creature and I was pretty sure it was made up… Whatever…] it is kind of considered the national icon of Singapore (?) -> I swear there is actually some identity issues

Oh and what was the reason that brought about that idea (of making the merlion that is) Because I was watching the NDP (National Day Parade) and they featured the merlion (which was super cute!) -> can’t find the photo of it *sniff*

Merlion: I am very emo… Eee-mo… Immobile!
[the merlion exists as a statue]

Another part of the conversation I liked was: (unfortunately I do not posses perfect memory…)

Merlion: I have always been standing so far away while everyone celebrates National Day. I have been waiting for you guys to invite me over. But no one ever did.

Host: Well then, join us!

Merlion: But I am scared of water

Host: You are???

Merlion: Why did you think I have never moved from the same spot!
[the statue of the merlion stands in a place almost surrounded by water]


Next year. I promise to make a merlion amigurumi.

Happy Birthday Singapore! (I think this is a little late to be saying this -_-)
I think this year celebration was the best!

Tell me how you do it in your country!