Dabbling with 3D origami

I was browsing the Internet when I discovered that origami was actually… Well totally cool and awesome! (I don’t know what lame things they thought me back when I was younger that made me think otherwise)

Some photos of awesome 3D origami (that made me want to learn it)



You can find more of those here http://www.papercraftcentral.net/category/3d-origami/

anyways so I made my first ever 3D origami doll! After watching a youtube video of the basics and everything of course.

It is actually quite easy. The most time consuming part is folding the paper triangles you need before you can start making your own origami.

My paper triangle collection as of now. It is yellow because I am planning to make a Pikachu. (I have to stop my obsession with Pikachu…)


And well… The good thing of this hobby (? Or should I call art?) is that when you fold paper triangles in class, in front of the teacher, they don’t even think anything about it. [so I folded a whole lot of triangles I needed before I started assembling them] -> my teacher thought I must be going crazy.
It really helps you think that the time you spend in school is not a waste. (And you get less annoyed when teachers hold you back. Because you get to fold more triangles…)


Anyways a picture of the cute 3D origami doll I made for the first ever time ^_^ I have to say it is not bad for a first attempt. [well I hope I can say the same 1 year later…]

P.s black hair rocks ^_^

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