About ME

This is really just a blog for me to show the world how talented I am! Nah kidding~ ^_^ I am still a student really. And I only started crocheting in 2012, December. Yah~ so I don’t really think I am very good at this yet…

So a little about me~ I am from Singapore (it is NOT some place in China. It is really a legit country~) Anyways education is so harsh here *sniff* (I don’t even know how I am spending time crocheting…) I absolutely love reading (manga/comics/books/etc), I am not good at spelling, I spend so much on yarn (and manga/books…) I can draw (well certain poses at least. Anything deviating from those pose are impossible for me)

Anyways, remember to subscribe to my blog for more post!

You can contact me at lip.balm.addiction@gmail.com! (I will always be willing to listen and talk to my readers)


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