Just some brief updates to my followers (and ppl who do visit the blog…)

My collection of amigurumi residing in my house. (The rest have been given away)


The amigurumi sitting on a lifebuoy is my first ever attempt at making something. The yellow sphere was me trying to make a bird. [and then I realised after making 5 stuffed things, that I have been making my amigurumi the wrong side -_-] on the right, the purple thing (that my friends say look like a pig) was me trying to make a horse (from the little pony series) and Link (a pattern I diligently followed, just died) the black coil in the middle was me trying to make a black rose… The object in the middle that resembles nothing was supposed to be an owl.

Oh if you were wondering which pattern I was following for the Link pattern, click here
The end result was supposed to look like this… She makes the awesomest patterns!


And… there is no free pattern today. (Sorry!) Actually I try to come up with free patterns of small dolls on a two week basis -> I bet no one noticed due to my irregular postings -_- Anyways I have an excuse! My younger cousin (4 years old? -> actually I can’t remember her age…) birthday is coming soon. So I am trying to corchet something for her… (I don’t think I will finish in time… Since I have been banned to crocheting in the bus. WHY DIDN’T I STUDY HARDER?? Anyways my promotional exams are in 5 weeks and I am so dead -> for example chemistry, I am at chapter zero while the teacher is now teaching chapter 7 [actually this applies to 3 other subjects I am taking])

Anyways I came up with a whole list of things that would make nice patterns ^_^ (if there is anything you want me to make do tell me! I will try my best to do it after promos)

Oh and the birthday present I am trying to make is a striped giraffe!

Click here for the pattern I found from this awesome blog!

Anyways the conversation with my friend
Me: I am going to make a striped giraffe for my cousin!
Friend: You mean you are making a striped zebra.


^as you can see I am only at the head of the giraffe (and that took 5 bus rides…) that is my math homework in the background (I finally started doing my math homework! *clap clap clap* I have 5 months of math homework to do in 5 weeks)

Anyways on a side note, I plan to make a monkey pattern~ [the goal is 17 August!] So stay tuned! (Oh I just remembered I was going to do a groom pattern 0_o okay whatever. I will somehow manage…)


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