Striped crochet giraffe

Aster the striped giraffe




Once upon a time there lived a stripy giraffe. Well… Not so much as lived but existed.

She was ostracised. She was bullied.

Why? Because she looked different.
Instead of being yellow with brown spots, it was stripy. The other giraffes didn’t like it. Not one bit at all. They couldn’t understand why she had stripes.

And so no one wanted to be her friend. No one wanted to be associated with her…

But she didn’t know that. She thought it was something she did. She tried very very hard to please the other giraffes, hoping that she would be accepted one day.

This continued for many years… Until one day after an especially bad episode of bullying, she thought “I have had enough of this!” So she sat up and gave all those who bullied her a good dressing down, and then she left the herd.

She walked, she walked, and she walked even more. She encountered many other animals, some who treated her nicely, and others who treated her with disgust.

She came across dangerous animals. Many looked at her with suspicion because of her unusual colour.

As she walked aimlessly across the grasslands, she would watch the beautiful sun rise above the horizon, and then watch the exact same sun go down.

She felt the cooling breeze caress her body. How the trees and flowers swayed side to side under the wind’s gentle touch.

She watched the clouds float by and forming cloudy shapes of castles, flowers and faces.

There were also days where she thought of the herd. Of how maybe, just maybe, if she had stayed, everything would have gotten better. And then she would feel lonely as she thought longingly of the past that she could have had.

And then one day she saw…

Down below was…

Another stripy giraffe.

She blinked once. She blinked twice. She almost did not dare believe it. And then she started running towards the other giraffe.

Her name was Emma. She was absolutely gorgeous. The stripes she had on her skin complemented each other perfectly. And she too had left the herd for a life of solitude.

Emma tilted her head in surprise when she saw another stripy giraffe running towards her.

“Hello dear, what is your name?” Emma asked

“What… is a name?” the giraffe replied quizzically.

“Oh… A name…” Emma frowned as she tried to explain it, “A name is a word used to distinguish someone. Umm… Something used to identify one from the other? It is like your identity… Sorry dear. This is really hard to explain.” Emma said in an apologetic tone.

“I see” came the simple reply.

And then they walked together, each enjoying the comfort of the silence between them.

Breaking the silence first, Emma asked “You know, I was thinking… Would you like it if I gave you a name?”

“Give me a name?”

“Yeah. Actually I was thinking Aster would be a nice name” Emma replied cheerfully.

“Aster?” Aster said, as she tried to say her name. Pausing for a moment, she discovered she quite liked the sound of it.

“Yes. It is actually the name of those purple flowers centred with yellow you see over there.They sometimes come in pink shades as well. Don’t you think they look absolutely beautiful? Exactly like you.” Emma said as she looked admiringly at the flowers.

“But I am not beautiful,” Aster replied

“Oh, don’t be silly.” Emma said as she rolled her eyes dramatically, “Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Don’t let others’ illusions of perfection cloud your beauty.”

“But I had no friends” Aster replied sadly.

“And? Since when did the number of friends determine what you should think of yourself?” Emma said in a teasing voice.

“If you don’t have any confidence and walk around moping all day, expecting one day some kind soul will to accept you unconditionally… Well then, I think you are very… Idealistic. Well not to say that it would never happen… But it is rare to have such things happen.” Emma told Aster bluntly.

They continued walking in silence.


So now there were two stripy giraffes walking across the grasslands.

Their names were Emma and Aster.

Emma taught Aster many things. She taught Aster that sometimes, you mustn’t take everything too seriously. She taught her confidence, kindness, respect.

On nice windy days, Emma would make sure they stopped and watched the formless clouds float by.

Sometimes, when they came across a lake, they would stay around for a few days and splash around in the water.

One night, as they were watching the sun setting from a cliff, Aster asked Emma “do you ever regret leaving your herd?”

There was a pause as Emma thought to consider.

“No… I don’t regret leaving them. In fact, I think it was one of the best things I ever did for myself.” Emma said sincerely.

“How about you?” She asked as she looked kindly at Aster.

“I think I feel the same way too… After all, I would rather be with someone who enjoys my presence then otherwise” Aster said, as she looked back towards the setting sun.

As she said that, she thought back on her journey through life so far and realised something. Life doesn’t get better on its own. If she had just continued enduring the teasing hoping one day the other giraffes would accept her, she would not have met Emma, and she would not be having the life of happiness she was having now. If you want something to get better, you have to do something about it. But along our way to achieve what we want ultimately in life, we must never forget the simple pleasures of life. Otherwise, all will be naught.

As the last of the sun disappeared down the horizon, Aster thought she heard Emma whisper, “it is so good to be alive isn’t it?”

-the end-

On many side notes:

It is a striped giraffe and NOT a zebra. (Must never be confused for a zebra of any sort)

And the pattern to this awesome pattern is from here.

There is also other bloggers who used/modified her striped giraffe pattern, here and here.

It is also good to note that there is something called the invisible join invented by planetjune (it makes perfect stripes!!!)

And actually I modified the whole pattern -__- because I made a mistake at the start and was too lazy to correct it. (But I basically got the idea from Emma’s blog ^_^). The story was a joint thing with the striped giraffe as a birthday present for my younger cousin.

And YES! I finally finished it! *clapclapclap* I shall never do something so stupidly large again. (This took me 1 month •__•)


Happy Birthday Singapore!

Today marks the 48th year since independence. Every year on 9th August, we celebrate National Day. (I LOVE NATIONAL DAY ^_^) I recently discovered that the equivalent of National Day is called Independence Day in America 0_o (wow. I am so ignorant sometimes…)

I should have done a merlion amigurumi just for the fun of it… *sigh* maybe next year… (In case you have never heard of it before, the merlion is a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the tail of a mermaid -> according to Wikipedia [actually I never knew it was considered a mythical creature and I was pretty sure it was made up… Whatever…] it is kind of considered the national icon of Singapore (?) -> I swear there is actually some identity issues

Oh and what was the reason that brought about that idea (of making the merlion that is) Because I was watching the NDP (National Day Parade) and they featured the merlion (which was super cute!) -> can’t find the photo of it *sniff*

Merlion: I am very emo… Eee-mo… Immobile!
[the merlion exists as a statue]

Another part of the conversation I liked was: (unfortunately I do not posses perfect memory…)

Merlion: I have always been standing so far away while everyone celebrates National Day. I have been waiting for you guys to invite me over. But no one ever did.

Host: Well then, join us!

Merlion: But I am scared of water

Host: You are???

Merlion: Why did you think I have never moved from the same spot!
[the statue of the merlion stands in a place almost surrounded by water]


Next year. I promise to make a merlion amigurumi.

Happy Birthday Singapore! (I think this is a little late to be saying this -_-)
I think this year celebration was the best!

Tell me how you do it in your country!


Just some brief updates to my followers (and ppl who do visit the blog…)

My collection of amigurumi residing in my house. (The rest have been given away)


The amigurumi sitting on a lifebuoy is my first ever attempt at making something. The yellow sphere was me trying to make a bird. [and then I realised after making 5 stuffed things, that I have been making my amigurumi the wrong side -_-] on the right, the purple thing (that my friends say look like a pig) was me trying to make a horse (from the little pony series) and Link (a pattern I diligently followed, just died) the black coil in the middle was me trying to make a black rose… The object in the middle that resembles nothing was supposed to be an owl.

Oh if you were wondering which pattern I was following for the Link pattern, click here
The end result was supposed to look like this… She makes the awesomest patterns!


And… there is no free pattern today. (Sorry!) Actually I try to come up with free patterns of small dolls on a two week basis -> I bet no one noticed due to my irregular postings -_- Anyways I have an excuse! My younger cousin (4 years old? -> actually I can’t remember her age…) birthday is coming soon. So I am trying to corchet something for her… (I don’t think I will finish in time… Since I have been banned to crocheting in the bus. WHY DIDN’T I STUDY HARDER?? Anyways my promotional exams are in 5 weeks and I am so dead -> for example chemistry, I am at chapter zero while the teacher is now teaching chapter 7 [actually this applies to 3 other subjects I am taking])

Anyways I came up with a whole list of things that would make nice patterns ^_^ (if there is anything you want me to make do tell me! I will try my best to do it after promos)

Oh and the birthday present I am trying to make is a striped giraffe!

Click here for the pattern I found from this awesome blog!

Anyways the conversation with my friend
Me: I am going to make a striped giraffe for my cousin!
Friend: You mean you are making a striped zebra.


^as you can see I am only at the head of the giraffe (and that took 5 bus rides…) that is my math homework in the background (I finally started doing my math homework! *clap clap clap* I have 5 months of math homework to do in 5 weeks)

Anyways on a side note, I plan to make a monkey pattern~ [the goal is 17 August!] So stay tuned! (Oh I just remembered I was going to do a groom pattern 0_o okay whatever. I will somehow manage…)