Jinx (teen titans)




And… I CROCHETED A JINX! (What is Jinx? Basically Jinx is this cartoon character from teen titans and if you have not watched teen titans before or do not know what teen titans is, it is because of it being a different generation of kid shows -> I watched all the kid shows ever because my younger sibling insisted on watching them, despite any of my protests [admittedly made rather weakly]

Yah~ and I absolutely love Jinx!! (And Raven as well. Maybe I should make the whole collection of teen titans…) So why do I like her? Because she changed sides from the evil to the good! (Well I also like characters that change from the good to the evil.) And is also cursed with bad luck (oh gosh. I hope making this won’t bring me bad luck…)

Okay maybe it is because she is the leader of an evil gang, and also being the only female and also the leader. [why does this remind me of my project work group -_-]

Anyways I will be posting the pattern to this sometime next week ^_^ So subscribe and stay tuned.


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